• Why is it in your best interest to hire a professional?

- Experienced experts often express your taste even better than you can ever imagine

- Avoid costly mistakes Incorporate clear sense of color, proportion, and line to your space

- Ensure maximum comfort and utility for your money

- Hiring a professional is a gift you give yourself

• Why is it in your best interest to hire Joy of All Trades Inc. as your

- Joy of All Trades, Inc. is flexible and reasonable when coordinating an event or improving the use and
  efficiency of your space

- We are prepared to take extremely high profile and/or tight budget projects

- We create or reproduce a "look" for your individual style

- We are associated with high-end contractors where needed to assist with the management of strategic

- Knowledgeable in health administration, safety, environmental, and “green” solutions and products

- Technologically driven and experienced to collaborate with what’s important for both parties

• How does the client prepare for the collaboration on the project?

- Work out a detailed budget

- Prepare to meet periodically

- Prepare to address and research topics and materials of interest

- Prepare to eliminate stress that typically goes along with not having a professional like Joy of All
  Trades, Inc., who specializes in providing clients with a comforting, relaxing, and efficient service and

• What does it Cost to Hire Joy Of All Trades Inc?

- All package rates are customized to meet the needs of the client Interior packages generally start at $60/hour per professional consultant (3 hour minimum)

- Event packages start at $60/hour per professional consultant (2 hour minimum)

- Full- Service Packages include a standard 18-20% fee based on the total cost of the event and service
  options selected

- Most inquiries require a $60 1-hour non- refundable consultation fee that will be credited toward
  rendered services

- Prices may vary where decorating packages require 2 or more consultants

- Group discount pricing available, various payment options accepted

• Will Joy Of All Trades Inc. service areas outside of Illinois?

- We service all areas. There is no travel fee for service to locations within 20 miles of the centrally
  located Chicago Loop address (701 South State, Chicago, IL 60605)

- Any location more than 20 miles, but up to 100 miles from the mentioned address will require small
  travel surcharge of $3.00 per mile in addition to service rates

- Locations beyond 100 miles may require the following additional charges:

* Air travel fee - airfare and/or ground transportation & car rental

* Hotel

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